ONE PIECE: Luffy as All Might in the recent episode of the anime

For several weeks now in the ONE PIECE anime there is the Udon prison at the center. Between the capture of Kid and Killer, their near-execution, the terrifying arrival of Big Mom, and the fight with Queen, things have happened. But now the scene in this area is all dedicated to the protagonist Monkey D. Luffy.

The ONE PIECE 949 trailer had already anticipated that Luffy would not hold back in front of extreme gestures, and the episode published on November 8, 2020 did not disappoint under this front. To limit the damage that the prisoners afflicted by Queen’s plague were doing around, Luffy decides to block them all with his body, even at the cost of getting sick.

Even infected, he manages to control the desperate prisoners and, once he changes his mind, warns them to take control of the prison by taking down Kaido’s soldiers. The Luffy’s gesture is an inspiration to everyone and, while the protagonist collapses, the others are busy to regain possession of their freedom.

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The scene in which Luffy entrusts everything to them is an important reference to My Hero Academia. Shooting a pivotal scene from season three, Luffy mimics the pose of All Might. Below is the comparison proposed by Yonkou Productions, when the hero entrusted everything to the protagonist Izuku Midoriya.

L’anime di ONE PIECE will resume next week and leave room for control of Udon, where prisoners will fight alongside notable samurai like Kawamatsu.


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