One Piece live-action, is it shooting in Cape Town? New details in a tweet from a fan

That the ONE PIECE live-action series is one of Netflix’s projects in the pipeline is certain and, after a short period of silence, new information arrives via Twitter. A fan who lives in Cape Town has in fact shared via the web some updates about the shooting of the TV series. Here are all the details.

As you well remember, the shooting of ONE PIECE Live-Action had been set for last August but, because of COVID, everything has been postponed to a date to be defined. According to an update posted on the net by the “piece-live” user, it would seem that in Cape Town everything is ready to start shooting. Below is the content of the tweet:

“I live 20 minutes away from the” CAPE TOWN FILM STUDIOS “where they decided to shoot, and I can tell you that the area has everything it takes to shoot Season 1. They even have three huge pirate ships ready to set sail. . They have huge water tanks to use for the ocean scenes (Black Sails was filmed there). There are also areas that look the same in Logue Town, Foosha and Nami’s village … as well as a secluded area with bushes. and water it can do from Arlong Park. Google Cape Town Film Studios and see for yourself “

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Based on this rumor, everything would be ready to shoot but the casting of ONE PIECE still remains to be defined and still remains a mystery.


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