ONE PIECE live-action: has the cast composition already been decided?

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Interesting clues continue to arrive from the Twitter account dedicated to ONE PIECE live-action. The latest social intervention alluded to the possibility that Netflix would have already chosen the cast of actors who will play the famous pirate crew.

The production account replied with an assent emoticon to the consideration of a user, who wondered why Netflix – in the event that he had already decided the composition of the cast – still wanted to ask fans about the choice of actors.

The response of the production Social Media Manager could mean everything and nothing, however, there is still a hint – albeit timid – to keep in mind. The latest rumors would like Emily Rudd as Nami. In fact, the live-action showrunner, Steven Maeda, has started following the Twitter profile of the actress, who in recent times has been often mentioned by fans as an ideal candidate to play the charming pirate pirate of Luffy's crew.

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Unless of sudden complications, The filming of the Netflix series will start on August 31 in South Africa. Producers Marty Aldestein, Becky Clements and Eiichiro Oda himself oversee the project. As for the plot, the show will chronologically follow the animated series.

The first narrative arc will therefore be the East Blue, where we will get to know Zoro and Nami.

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