ONE PIECE: Jinbe's voice actor teases US protests on TV, anger on social media

After two weeks of hell, the situation in the US is finally starting to calm down, at least in some major cities. The protest by the African American community, which arose immediately after the murder of George Floyd, captured the attention of the whole world, but apparently not all countries have taken it too seriously.

In fact, in Japan, the famous television station NHK decided to produce and distribute a short animated video to explain the reasons and consequences of the protests to the population. The clip, visible at the bottom of the article, shows a black man intent on threatening a passerby, while praising the BLM movement with a victim's purse in his hand.

According to the video, narrated by the voice actor Katsuhisa Hoki (voice of Gekko Moria and Jinbe in ONE PIECE), the reasons behind the protests are related to the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic and how this has brought greater economic damage to the African American community, historically less helped by the US government. Western fans said they were offended by the simplification, especially considering that the real reason behind the protests of the Black Lives Matter movement, or the racially motivated murder of 25 May, was never mentioned in the video.

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And what do you think of it? Let us know with a comment! Also in reference to the sad event of Minneapolis then, we advise you to take a look at the words of the author of The Walking Dead, much more sensitive to the theme.


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