ONE PIECE: Jewelry Bonney comes to life in Natsucchi's cosplay

The terrible generation of ONE PIECE was one of the distinctive elements of the arch of the Shabondy archipelago. At the time, the Supernovae were presented, or those pirates who had distinguished themselves particularly during the first stretch of the Rotta Maggiore. Among these was Jewelry Bonney called la mangiona, which still preserves some mysteries.

Until now, Jewelry Bonney has been one of the Supernovae to appear less after the timeskip with Urouge and it does not seem that it will have a predominant role for some time yet. However, we saw her at Levely surprisingly in disguise. The pink-haired girl seems to be connected to the world government or to some important personages, but Eiichiro Oda has not yet revealed what it is.

In any case, much has passed since her first appearance in the archipelago, where we saw her intent on eating wagons of food together with her crew. Natsucchi has decided to dedicate a cosplay to Jewelry Bonney which is based on the clothes we saw at the time. The set created by the cosplayer that you can see at the bottom of the news allows us to admire the character in multiple poses and to admire all the details of the realization.

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Waiting for that Jewelry Bonney lathes in ONE PIECE, other Supernovae are stealing the scene in Wanokuni's recent narrative arc. If you can't wait, check out the latest spoilers on ONE PIECE 981.


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