ONE PIECE is Sanji's nonexistent paradise: here's the funny reaction in chapter 981

Since the dawn, Sanji Vinsmoke he was particularly attracted to women. He has agonized and agonized again for Nami and Nico Robin, he has also done it for Bibi and above all he has intensified his activities after the two years of ONE PIECE timeskip. With the new power he has available, coming from the Germa66 paraphernalia, he can go even further.

Chapter 981 of ONE PIECE opened with a color where Sanji was DJing for his companions dedicated a short portion of chapter to the crew of the Straw Hat crew. Joining the Wanokuni samurai army and his companions in the tank led by Chopper, he arrived at the neighborhood of the pleasures of Onigashima established by Black Maria, one of the Six Flying Warriors. The giant woman had that area built which is not shown in the maps.

This did right away enhance Sanji who, with the classic heart-shaped eyes, could not wait to peek at the beauties hidden inside those buildings. Attracted almost magnetically, he slings himself at the entrance and then returns with a blackened look. A rather comical scene which however has tragic consequences given that Kin'emon assumes that there are no women and therefore no people in the area. Unfortunately for them they must be in front of Big Mom, fully dressed and made up for the Fire Festival of which she is the guest of honor.

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