ONE PIECE: Fans have noticed the extraordinary similarity between Zoro and the lead singer of BTS

In recent years the K-POP it is spreading like wildfire. The name, for the uninitiated, refers to that pop music produced in South Korea. Thanks to the numerous bands that have gained considerable popularity and have started doing concerts even outside their country of origin, the genre has become very famous.

In particular it is known for the numerous bands with singers who not only sing on stage but also throw themselves into dances and choreographies. Some require special costumes and one of them caught the attention of ONE PIECE fans. The BTS group, in a recent concert, he seems to have imitated the look of Roronoa Zoro with RM, one of its members. In fact, on stage he presented himself with his hair dyed aqua green very similar to that of Zoro’s hair, with a dress similar to the one that the pirate wears in ONE PIECE Gold with lots of orange sunglasses.

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RM has therefore sparked the reactions of the network with several fans, including those you can see below, who point out how the singer redone Zoro’s look, placing several images side by side to confirm the comparison.

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