ONE PIECE: Fairy Tail’s Shanks and Gildarts are at the center of a sensational theory

ONE PIECE e Fairy Tail are two of the most successful works on the shonen scene. Although they are set in completely different contexts, some fans believe the two universes are somehow connected. To give rise to this theory is the incredible similarity between Shanks and Gildarts.

At first glance, the designs of the two characters they look virtually identical. They both have wavy red hair, beards, cloaks, and most importantly, they both bear the marks of their battles on their bodies. Shanks lost his left arm to save Luffy’s life, while Gildarts lost both limbs on his left side after an incredible battle.

In addition to the aesthetic similarities, the two characters share one rather similar personality. Both are calm, but when it comes to fighting, they bring out their inner fire. Shanks and Gildarts are two leaders, respected by all for their terrifying power. In addition, the two play the role of mentor for the protagonists of their respective franchises.

Given these similarities, some fans have speculated on the relationship between Eiichiro Oda and Hiro Mashima, authors of ONE PIECE and Fairy Tail respectively. According to conspiracy theories, Hiro Mashima would have shamelessly copied Oda’s work. Gildarts in fact debuted in 2009, while Shanks was presented in the first chapter of ONE PIECE, dated 1997.

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The two mangakas have quite similar artistic styles and this further detail would have convinced fans that the two are brothers or even the same person. The latter theory, however, should be discarded, given the rigorous publication programs to which the two are subjected.

Another rumor that surfaced on the net, the most likely, suggests that Mashima was Oda’s assistant, so all these similarities are nothing more than a tribute to his former mentor. However, the editor of Mashima denied this hypothesis and claimed that the creator of Fairy Tail has never worked as an assistant for other mangakas. The publisher also revealed the truth behind all the similarities between Oda and Mashima: the two have always publicly stated that their source of inspiration is Akira Toriyama, creator of Dragon Ball. New details about ONE PIECE live-action surfaced on Twitter. The Fire Festival reveals the feelings of the people in chapter 993 of ONE PIECE.


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