ONE PIECE: Chopper takes shape in a splendid statue that shows all its strength

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The great epic of ONE PIECE is continuing its run after the various difficulties that have come to present with the arrival of COVID-19, to the delight of all readers and spectators scattered in every corner of the world who for several weeks have necessarily found themselves dry-mouthed.

Oda's creature is actually one of the most popular ever, a franchise that has spanned these long years has seen the arrival of countless themed products, between films, spin-offs, video games and, of course, endless gadgets, all designed to keep the boundless users constantly busy, eager to find out what new adventures await the Straw Hat crew that has never lost their occasion to praise the work with cosplay and fanart.

Among the many companies launched in the creation of products dedicated to the brand are also the guys from Dream Studio, who recently finished in the spotlight thanks to the presentation of a magnificent ONE PIECE themed statue and specifically dedicated to Chopper. As can be seen from the images at the bottom of the news, the work showcases our Chopper both in its "basic" form and in one of its transformations. The product also features a large amount of detail flanked by a price of $ 289 (not counting shipping costs). According to the company, the statue is already available for preorder while the release is currently set for December 2020.

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Before saying goodbye, we remind you that the titles of the next installments of ONE PIECE have recently been unveiled.

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