ONE PIECE chapter 981: chaos, music and blows in Onigashima

ONE PIECE has entered the third phase of Wanokuni for a while now. After telling us the story of Kozuki Oden, his faithful samurai went to Onigashima without a few problems but in the end they managed to implement their plan. Of course, when Luffy and his crew are in the middle, something must always go wrong.

In recent weeks, interspersed with Eiichiro Oda's breaks, Weekly Shonen Jump has published the chapters of ONE PIECE with the fight against Onigashima. Inevitably Luffy has already ruined everything and Zoro has also joined him. The duo had to face Apoo and found themselves in difficulty until Kidd's intervention.

With ONE PIECE 981 the struggle with the enemy that has unpredictable musical attacks has resumed. The trio is so forced to flee the area in the company of Killer that explains what is the true nature of Apoo's power. However, the first numbers in the series, Haccha, a giant with a club that starts to hit left and right.

Meanwhile, too Kinemon and the other members of the Mugiwara continue on their march towards the Kaido palace. The map they own, however, is old and did not show the new pleasure district built by Black Maria. All the soldiers throw themselves into the water as soon as a mysterious figure behind the paper doors begins to wonder what that din outside is. The only ones to remain out in the open are the Mugiwara guys with their Brachio Tank and in particular Chopper, with his head out, meets his gaze with Big Mom.

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In final stage of ONE PIECE 981 no doubt comes a surprise: the empress's pirates are still climbing the waterfall, determined to take revenge on Luffy but also wondering why the alliance with Kaido. When they reach the top they find a new bitter surprise: Marco la Fenice is waiting for them which thanks to its power brings the ship back into the waters of Wanokuni. The former Whitebeard pirate is accompanied by Nekomamushi and Izo, once again in the limelight. ONE PIECE will continue next week with chapter 982.


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