ONE PIECE: Boa Hancock at the center of a Robin Ren cosplay

Kuja pirates are known for their all-female training. At the head of this organization, which ONE PIECE readers and viewers have discovered in the arc of Amazon Lily, is the splendid Boa Hancock. A beautiful woman, among the most beautiful in the world of ONE PIECE and who is continually admired by everyone, male and female.

Its beauty is such that it marries perfectly with the qualities of its Devil Fruit, which it uses to petrify anyone who observes it, almost like a novel manga version jellyfish. Only a few can boast resistance against its power, and one of them is the protagonist of ONE PIECE, Monkey D. Luffy.

But will it get the same effect out of the manga? Let’s try it with a Boa Hancock cosplay created by Robin Ren. The Italian posted on her Instagram account the photo that you can see below and which has received over 2000 likes. The Boa Hancock presented is the one in the purple dress, the quipao she uses when ready for combat. Instead, hair and snake-shaped earrings remain identical in all versions.

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Do you think it can compete with the version designed by Eiichiro Oda? Or does the statue of Boa Hancock have more effect? Among other things, the woman accompanied the protagonist in one of the hardest phases of his life, when he witnessed the death of Ace.


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