ONE PIECE anime turns 21: pirates debuted in 1999

In 1997 a manga by Eiichiro Oda was published in Weekly Shonen Jump, a practically new author who had very few works behind him. ONE PIECE, however, immediately became a success and already from the first year of life it was clear that it would be a pillar of the magazine. Then came the anime aired for the first time two years later.

It was the October 20, 1999 when ONE PIECE was first broadcast on Japanese broadcasters. 21 years have passed since that day, and for this reason today we wish a happy birthday to the ONE PIECE anime. The first episode began with the legendary scene of Gol D. Roger and then the historical theme “We Are”, of which you can see a piece with the GIF below.

The initials presented us as i protagonists of the East Blue saga: after Luffy there was Zoro, then Usopp, Nami, Sanji. The boys of Oda made their appearance in the world of anime and even today they are not gone, as the Wanokuni saga is in progress.

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The voice actors had already celebrated 21 years of ONE PIECE a few months ago with a photo that took them 20 years ago and now. Meanwhile, you can review the first episodes to remember those now distant atmospheres thanks to Crunchyroll, which has published the episodes of the Alabasta saga in Italian on its platform.


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