ONE PIECE: all Mugiwara from the poorest to the strongest

During ONE PIECE, the Captain Monkey D. Luffy has gathered around him some very impressive pirates. Starting with Zoro, Nami, Usopp, and Sanji, the Straw Hat Pirate then ventured down the Grand Line where he met Chopper, Nico Robin, Franky and Brook, eventually ending up in the New World where he recruited Jinbe.

We can take stock of the Mugiwara and see which is the strongest and which is the weakest in a top 10. Waiting to find out who will be the last protagonist of ONE PIECE to join the crew, let’s start with this ranking.

Let’s start with a bonus position, the eleventh, for remember that Nefertari Bibi was also a member of the Straw Hat Pirates. The girl accompanied them in the first phase of the Rotta Maggiore and then left them to dedicate herself to the kingdom of Alabasta, just freed from Crocodile. She has inevitably been the weakest member of the crew so far.

In the last position currently effective we find Nami instead, navigator and endowed with powers related to the climate. His destructive potential would increase if he managed to definitively hire Zeus, stolen by Big Mom, but for now the girl has not managed to tame him 100%. A little above another character who is defined among the weakest of the crew, or Usopp. The ninth position is occupied by the sniper whose size is instead stratospheric. Usopp is able to use various ranged weapons to silence his enemies and has also unlocked the Haki of Observation, making a level jump.

Eighth place instead for Nico Robin, the archaeologist and spy of the crew who showed great skills of infiltration but also of combat. Her Fior Fior is an extremely versatile fruit that allows her to fight against all kinds of opponents. The Swordsman Brook is instead in seventh position. The icy wind of the attacks, combined with the sleepwalker melodies, make the bony pirate an excellent element in the crew. We close the first part of the top 10 with Franky the Cyborg, equipped with many weapons inside his body but who can also count on the super General Franky, exponentially increasing his fighting skills.

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In fifth place we enter Chopper, the cute reindeer who has almost become a ONE PIECE mascot but which has immense destructive potential. Just think of its Monster Point, usable in a very simple way and which has a very high strength. The fourth position, as well as the third of this ranking, will undoubtedly be the most debated considering what we have seen so far in ONE PIECE. Respectively, we chose Jinbe and Sanji: the cook therefore wins the bronze medal at the expense of the Knight of the Sea, the most recent element of the crew. Jinbe has already shown what he can do several times, while Sanji has managed in spite of everything to resist King’s attacks on Onigashima, showing that with the Raid Suit of the Germa 66 he has been extremely empowered.

Perhaps the most discounted places in the ranking arrive in the top 2. Roronoa Zoro is in second position, and with Enma he inevitably left a deeper groove than the other members of the crew. Finally there is Captain Monkey D. Luffy, the future King of the Pirates who between Haki and Gear is not only the strongest member of the Mugiwara but also one of the most dangerous pirates in the world.

Agree with this ours ONE PIECE ranking? Let us know in the comments, waiting to find out what will happen to the Mugiwara in Onigashima.


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