ONE PIECE: Ace defeats Blackbeard in an epic action figure that turns history upside down

The Marineford War is one of the most indelible events in the history of ONE PIECE, not only for the immense scope of the battle but also for the departure of two of the most important characters of the pirate epic of Eiichiro Oda, or Portuguese D. Ace and Barbabianca.

10 years after his death, the brother of Luffy continues to be a darling of the public, as evidenced by the numerous action figures dedicated to him. Even today, that is unforgettable battle between Ace himself and Blackbeard, duel that actually cost the life of the son of Gol D. Roger. But how would the story have changed if Ace had emerged victorious from the fight instead?

Although it is practically impossible to venture a narrative hypothesis, due to the complex puzzle orchestrated by Oda sensei, Zeus Studio however, he wanted to overturn the outcome of the aforementioned duel. The result in question, which you can admire in the scale model attached at the bottom of the news, portrays Teach unconscious at the mercy of the second in command of Barbianca. The quality and quantity of details are nothing short of incredible, as can be seen from the facial expressions and powers of the two pirates. However, a statuette 54 cm high and of such level of detail must face an indirectly exorbitant price, or € 920 in the price list to which are added the shipping costs. The figure can be pre-ordered through the bio of the profile of Iker Logan, also attached at the bottom of the page.

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And you, however, what do you think of this particular model, do you like it? Let us know, as usual, with a comment in the appropriate box below.


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