ONE PIECE: Ace comes back to life in this hilarious low cost cosplay

Yes, the cosplay genius is back in action and this time he did it by setting sail for the seas of ONE PIECE. His latest work, in fact, led him to explore the work of Eiichiro Oda by bringing back to life one of the most loved protagonists by fans, Portuguese D. Ace.

Through a flashback that took place in the last chapters of the manga, in which we saw him having a face to face meeting with Yamato, the daughter of Kaido who in ONE PIECE is trying to free the nation of Wano from the shadow of his father, Ace is back. once again the focus of the community. And this incredible comeback led him to be the subject of the Lonelyman’s new work, alias LowCostCosplay.

The brilliant cosplayer, a true professional of low-budget jobs, has taken on the role of Luffy’s brother using only a packet of chips. Using the spicy fries he simulated the flames surrounding Ace’s arm, while using the packaging he managed to recreate the iconic pirate hat. Finally, Ace’s sculpted abdomen was drawn onto the artist’s torso using a bit of makeup.

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As usual, Lonelyman shows us that a pinch of inventiveness is enough to bring your favorite characters to life. And what do you think of this hilarious low cost cosplay? Is he loyal to the Whitebeard Pirate? Before Ace, here’s a low-cost Demon Slayer cosplay; the brilliant LowCost in the role of Zenitsu.


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