ONE PIECE: a curious detail on Hody Jones' genitals

The imaginary of ONE PIECE it is characterized by many different powers, some of which can even strongly modify the physical characteristics of its owner. Inevitably, this even affects the genitals of the characters. But what happens, however, when the differences depend on one's origins?

Eiichiro Oda, on several occasions, has shown that he has no qualms about talking with his fans about even delicate subjects. Some time ago, in fact, sensei confirmed to its readers that, thanks to the powers of the devil's fruit, Jozu's penis also becomes diamond. On the occasion of an old SBS dating back to volume 75 of ONE PIECE, a fan asked Oda if too Hoody Jonesjust like sharks, it had two genitals.

For the uninitiated, in fact, sharks have two genital organs just to make pairing with a female shark easier, as the relationship is so abrupt that one of the two apparatuses can break. However, particularly surprised, sensei replied:

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"DO THEY REALLY HAVE 2 ?! Do sharks really have 2 ?! Wow, I didn't know. And are they also known for this ?! I have designed many sharks in my life, but I swear I had no idea. Thank you really. If it were really like that, then Hoody also has 2. That's right, he has two penises. Anyway, honestly, I think I only need one. "

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