ONE PIECE 984 spoiler: the first details confirm the identity of Yamato

ONE PIECE will finally return on Sunday with chapter 984. The official MangaPlus platform, at 18:00, will publish the long-awaited weekly story prepared by Eiichiro Oda in English and Spanish. But as usual, the networks are already starting to circulate first advances related to the next appointment with the manga.

We had stayed two weeks ago with the doubt as to who Yamato, heir of Kaido the emperor, was. After taking Luffy under his arm, keeping him away from the clash with Page One and Ulti, Yamato revealed that he always wanted to talk to the pirate with the straw hat. Obviously in ONE PIECE 984, as the spoilers confirm, there will still be room for the mysterious character with the hannya mask.

  • As someone around confirms, Page One and Ulti are the strongest users of the dinosaur model Devil Fruits among all the pirates of the hundred beasts. Meanwhile, the duo has awakened and is doing well.
  • Yamato wants to talk to Luffy in a secluded place where there are no Kaido subordinates. Luffy says he can KO them all in 5 seconds, but Yamato prefers to use a cloud of smoke to get away from everyone.
  • Samurai invade the banquet hall, Law monitors the situation from the submarine.
  • Meanwhile Izo meets Kiku again.
  • Luffy gives Yamato 5 minutes to explain himself. The character with the mask claims to have seen Oden Kozuki's execution and it was all impressed on him, so much that he wanted to fulfill Oden's desire. Yamato wants to be like Oden.
  • Yamato's mask falls and reveals his face. According to some translations, Yamato is a woman, or a man with very feminine traits.
  • Yamato got along very well with Ace and the two were always together. Luffy looks at Yamato's face and the image of his brother suddenly comes back to him.
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Unfortunately, a final spoiler point also seems confirmed for fans: ONE PIECE will be on hiatus once againtherefore chapter 985 will not arrive before two more weeks. Meanwhile, the fans are happy for the return of the ONE PIECE anime.


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