ONE PIECE 981: the chapter surprises us with a flamboyant return

ONE PIECE it is full of characters that sooner or later, if they have not been officially killed by Eiichiro Oda, make their appearance. Whether it's in the mini cover adventures or in the pages of contemporary stories, there will often be these unexpected returns. In chapter 981 of ONE PIECE there are some.

Wanokuni is an island closely linked to Oden Kozuki and, therefore, to the crew of Gol D. Roger. In fact, we saw the past of ONE PIECE thanks to a flashback at the beginning of act three, but it should not be forgotten that the true shogun of the island began as a pirate thanks to the Whitebeard crew.

Unfortunately, the emperor died two years before the current events, with the Marineford war, and together with his godson Portgas D. Ace. But the ashes of his will remain alive and this has led Nekomamushi to search for Marco the Phoenix already during the Whole Cake Island arc. Just Marco makes an appearance in surprise in the finale of ONE PIECE chapter 981 where it blocks the advance of the Big Mom pirates, making them sink into the turbulent waters of the samurai island as King had done a few days before.

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A return that fans certainly liked and which is accompanied by the same Nekomamushi but also from Izo, another Whitebeard fleet commander and former samurai serving Oden Kozuki. It is not known yet if they have brought other men with them, but this duo will certainly be able to help in the fight against Kaido.


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