ONE PIECE 981: a surprising return will cause chaos

It is very difficult that with light-hearted and daredevil characters like Luffy and companions there is a saga of ONE PIECE that you run smoothly. Even the plans that require forethought and calm are blown up by the way of the well-known captain of the Mugiwara, but sometimes unexpected things also arise for the enemy behavior.

In ONE PIECE 981 we saw the continuation of the siege a Onigashima, which the samurai led by Kin'emon are still carrying on silently. The same cannot be said for Luffy's front and Kidd's, with the two captains already involved in the first clashes with Apoo and the Number Hatcha. The small group is forced to flee to hide and reduce the scuffles.

However, it seems that fate does not want to laugh even at the remaining members of the Straw Hat crew. In the second phase of the chapter of ONE PIECE, the Kin'emon samurai are passing through the neighborhood built by Black Maria and, along with them, there are also members of the Mugiwara who left with the tank.

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Suddenly, however, a noise startles the samurai who throw themselves into the water to hide, leaving only the tank with Chopper's head sticking out. Watching the scene is Big Mom, the empress who was putting on makeup and preparing for the evening event. Inevitably the gaze of the two characters meets and this leaves no room if not to further chaos that we will see in the next chapter of ONE PIECE. What do you think will happen in ONE PIECE 982 after this meeting?


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