One day in the office for Dragon Ball characters: Goku and the others become salaryman

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Over the years, the characters of Dragon Ball they often left their worlds to go and dress other clothes according to the fan's fantasies. In fact, in numerous fan art, the protagonists of the universe of the seven spheres have been extrapolated from their context for fantastic mash ups as happened to Piccolo in the Green Lantern version.

But what if instead the most loved characters of Dragon Ball arrived in the real world and ended up being salarymenor the employees in Japanese companies? A drawing by Hammar_Docouf published on Reddit tries to reveal this arcane.

As we can see at the bottom, the drawing portrays the warriors we love so much in a realistic environment: on the right we see Vegeta, just arrived at the office and with the phone in hand, notice that Master Roshi is doing everything but work. Yajirobei and Piccolo are nearby to talk, while Cell works with a mask over his mouth, as often happens in the offices of oriental companies. Goku instead relaxes lying on his chair while Chichi is right behind him in the role of secretary.

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In the background you can see many other characters such as Bulma, C-18, Dodoria, Zarbon, the Ginew team, C-16 and C-17, ending with a strange Freezer that levitates in the air while trying to lower the skirt. What do you think of this nice Dragon Ball fan art?

Unfortunately fans of the anime have been forced to say goodbye to a historical voice: in fact, the Japanese voice of Master Roshi has said goodbye to us a few days ago.

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