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Welcome to Sector 7, the perfect place for all podcast lovers … and retro video games! As you well know, it is not that we really like running when we do the program. We prefer to savor every moment, every game. However, things change if it's about playing …

Some prefer to run in futuristic vehicles; Others are sports car lovers. And there are even those who lose the north when talking about "tuning" (of the crazy people who throw bananas with a kart, we better not talk). There are also those who prefer to drive correctly, following the rules as in real life, or those who wish to sow chaos and not have to brake in any curve.

But if everyone has something in common, they need wheels to achieve their goal: to reach the goal first. For all that, today's program will focus on speed and driving within the retro video game industry.

As you will see, the topic is so broad and so general, that this program will not be enough to give it a folder. However, it will serve to talk about many things. From the sensations that these games produce to us and their unique contribution to the sector, to talk in a long and tended way about their most important sub-genres: Arcade and Simulation. Of course, with many games as examples.

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In addition, the section of Pablo's Dormilón (spuny) also returns, where we discover another one of those hidden retro jewels. Of course, with a driving game. Finally, we continue reading your fantastic comments. And all that again with a true_kiat! A true expert in the genre!

As always, we hope you continue to share your messages to continue reading them. And remember that we also accept proposals and complaints to continue improving. We listen to each other!

In this program we have participated:

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