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On Tv Azteca they also look for Karen Espíndola … for ‘Falling in love’

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Karen Espíndola, the young woman who disappeared last week, supposedly aboard a taxi, but later learned she was with friends in a bar, could become the new lover.

As you read, journalist Alex Kaffie, in his column today, December 10, for El Heraldo de México, revealed that the television company of Ajusco is looking for the 27-year-old girl to make her debut in ‘Falling in love’.

I find out that in Falling in love they want Karen Espíndola as loving. Yes, that program that uses anything to have a rating intends to incorporate into its team of lovers the woman who while we all believed disappeared, danced reggaeton very removed from the penalty in the Kalimocho (a bar in Villa Coapa)! "

The television station of Ajusco contacted Karen under the pretext of "here you will find love", and now they only expect the young woman to accept:

"(…) they have already contacted the damsel who went viral (that is, known) after her family reported that she had been kidnapped by a taxi driver on December 3."

With information from El Heraldo de México.

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