Olija: Devolver Digital announces the pixel art adventure for PC and Switch

Following the example offered by Flying Wild Hog with the Shadow Warrior 3 gameplay reveal, the Skeleton Crew authors showed the first game scenes of Olija at the Devolver Direct event, a pixel art adventure coming in late 2020 on PC and Switch.

The title is set in the mysterious country of Terraphage and narrates the adventures accomplished by Faraday, a man shipwrecked and then trapped by the inhabitants of this unusual place not indicated on any map. Our alter-ego will have to use his harpoon to try to leave this hostile country and return to their homeland together with the other shipwrecked people on his boat.

As described by Skeleton Crew, the project will leverage users' curiosity to encourage them to explore this mysterious world inspired by legends of the sailors of Asia. By visiting the different regions of Terraphage, the hero of Olija will be able to interact with other secondary characters and receive assignments from them with which to enhance their skills and equipment.

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To accompany us on this journey there will also be the original songs of a soundtrack that will draw inspiration from traditional Japanese music and from flamenco of the Latin countries. Take a look at Olija's video and announcement images and tell us what you think of this pixel art adventure that will land on Steam and on the Nintendo Switch eShop before the end of the year.


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