Oculus Quest, still leak shots for a new viewer: check a first date

Corridor rumors have been chasing for some time linked to the possible arrival on the market of a new viewer part of the Oculus line, so much so that some alleged leak images of a new Oculus Quest have also recently appeared on the net.

The latter are now followed by further snapshots, which have spread, exactly like the previous ones, via Twitter. In fact, from the social network come the chirps that you can view directly at the bottom of this news, which have several attached images. The latter, if truthful, would immortalize the interior of a new Oculus Quest, on whose precise nature and identity, however, there seems to be no concordance of visions. Some observers indeed speak of a real Oculus Quest 2, while others speculate a Oculus Quest S or a Oculus Quest Lite.

The images also offer a first look at what the new ones should be controller related to the Virtual Reality device. But not only: in this set of rumor also check a date: identified in the September 15. Declared without any further detail, the latter, given the proximity, could represent the date on which the device will be officially presented to the public. At the moment, however, even on this front, we emphasize it, there is no official form. In closing, we recall a report by Bloomberg, for which a new Oculus viewer would be arriving by 2021.

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