Obito and Madara together again in the latest Naruto cosplay: Shippuden

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For a long time, Naruto fans wondered who was hiding behind Tobi's mask. That apparently comic character who was temporarily Deidara's shoulder actually turned out to be Obito Uchiha during one of the final stages of the manga. But it was not he who had devised the plan to obtain the supporting forces, but rather Madara Uchiha.

The two enemies of Naruto: Shippuden they battled the protagonists for some time, this until Obito decided to help Naruto and the others in the battle against Kaguya, which had proved to be the real mind behind Madara Uchiha's plans. Taking into account Madara in the blue uniform Uchiha and Tobi with the gray mask of the last phase of the battle, i two characters came to life with WeGenAer cosplay.

The cosplayer duo published on the occasion of Obito Uchiha's birthday on February 10, a photo on the Instagram account that you can see below. With a predominant blue tone due to the clothes of the two characters of Naruto: Shippuden, the achievements have been highly appreciated by fans for the accuracy of all details from hair to giant weapons such as scythe and fan. From gloves to the rest of the clothes, everything seems carefully packaged. What do you think of this splendid couple cosplay?

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Naruto: Shippuden theme, several cosplay have arrived on the net in the last period to collect many likes, such as the Kakuzu that killed the Avengers and the Akatsuki family.

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