Now if you buy a game in the Epic Games Store and they lower it shortly after they give you the difference

Epic Games’ latest move in its Epic Games Store It has been truly unexpected and now the company is giving you back the difference in price between a game you have bought and the possible discount you receive soon after.

If you bought a few days ago, let’s say, Control and now you find it on sale in the Epic Super Offer, you will have an automatic refund of the difference between the price you paid and the one that the game is now on sale, even if you don’t ask for it.

It is common to be disappointed when we decide to buy a video game in digital format on any platform to discover that a couple of days later they lower it to half the price or even less. That when they do not give it away directly (we think of you, who bought GTA V recently).

It was the user Joshua Bogss who shared on Twitter a message from Epic Games informing him of the partial return of a recent purchase because the game in question had been on sale.

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This measure ensures that players do not live with that constant concern of buying something and that it is much cheaper soon, which often means that purchases are not made due to this insecurity, damaging the economy of the store in question.



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