Novak Djokovic justified his controversial statements about food and vaccines: "I do it because I feel I have to do it"

Novak Djokovic says he talks about controversial issues to share his experience (EFE)
Novak Djokovic says he talks about controversial issues to share his experience (EFE)

Lately he has generated a lot of controversy with his sayings, but the Serbian tennis player Novak Djokovic, number one in the world, has assured that when he talks about topics that intrigue the public, such as feeding, the vaccination, and other issues prone to debate, just want share their experiences and not impose opinions or positions on other people.

"I always try to present things in a way that ensures me, I'm not saying ‘you have to eat that, drink that, think that way’. I only share my experience and point of view, and if people can see something useful about it, that's fine", he pointed ‘Nole’ in a podcast, quoted this Tuesday by the press in Belgrade.

In that sense, Djokovic, of 33 years old, stresses that he does not like that some media take their statements out of context "As if they did it on purpose".

Djokovic described as

Djokovic described the current conditions for the US Open (EFE) as "rigorous"

“Someone is going to say: why do you go where your place is not? I do it because I feel like I have to. If anyone is offended, I apologize publicly ”, said the Serbian player, who also assured that he also receives many positive reactions.

Power supply Djokovic or his doubts about the possibility of being vaccinated against the coronavirus have caused a stir in the international press. The Serb, aware of this, pointed out that as a prominent athlete he is "In a privileged position to be able to say something and that it has its echo".

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Novak Djokovic organizes a tennis tournament called Adria Tour (REUTERS)
Novak Djokovic organizes a tennis tournament called Adria Tour (REUTERS)

Starting this weekend, in the midst of a pandemic of coronavirus, Djokovic organizes a charity tennis tournament for humanitarian organizations. The "Adria Tour" will start in Belgrade this Saturday, it will happen to Croatia –It will be played in Zadar, on the 20 and 21– and is expected to continue later on Montenegro (27 and 28), and conclude in Bosnia Herzegovina (July 3 and 4 Banja Luka, and July 5 in Sarajevo).

Some of the current world tennis stars such as the Austrian have announced their participation Dominic Thiem (number 3 in the world), German Alexander Zverev (7), the Bulgarian Grigor Dimitrov (19) or the Croatian Borna Coric (33).

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