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“Nobody deserves to go through this situation”: Kimberly Flores gives terrible news about her mother

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Through their social networks, Kimberly Flores He asked his followers to pray for his mother, who is hospitalized for a car accident he suffered.

Becky Colombani, the mother of the model, suffered the accident in Texas and his state of health is critical; reported the account of Instagram, Spicy girl.

Supposedly, when Kimberly was notified she didn't care and continued to enjoy her vacation with her husband, Edwin Luna.

However, Flores shared a short message in which he asked to pray for his mother, since, despite the problems they have had, no one deserves to go through something like that.

To all my fans who have supported me in personal and professional things, I ask to put my mother in her prayers. ”

He explained that the problems and disagreements that both have had in recent years do not matter, since she is still his mother.

She is my mother and nobody deserves to go through this situation. God with her and I hope this is better soon. ”

It should be remembered that since Edwin Luna and Kimberly Flores started dating, the model's mother has spoken several times in a bad way about her daughter.

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