'No time to die': listen to Billie Eilish's song

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Whenever a new movie is released James bond, is double news. Not only for the film itself, but for the main theme that accompanies the story. Throughout the saga, many of his songs have passed to the collective imaginary as great songs of music: 'Goldeneye' by Tina Turner; 'Live and let die' by Paul McCartney; Adele's 'Skyfall' … In fact, the latter managed to win the Grammy, the Golden Globe and the Oscar, the first time he got a Bond movie (and fifth time in history that a song won the three great prizes, list to which 'Shallow' was added last year).

This year 2020 the new installment of James Bond, the 25, which responds to the name of 'No time to die' is released, and much was rumored about who would be responsible for giving voice to the theme of the film. The one that seemed to have the most ballots was Dua Lipa, but finally it was Billie Eilish who took the cat to the water. The artist, who has just won 5 Grammy Awards, and sang at the Oscars, is at the best moment of her career, and singing the main theme of 'No time to die'I could bring his music to a much wider audience.

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The style of the song has the Billie Eilish seal, soft and melodic, and anticipating a film that will be a before and after in the Bond franchise, reminiscent of Sam Smith's 'Writing's on the wall', the main theme of 'Specter', perhaps one of the most classic songs in the entire history of James Bond.

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