No Man's Sky in red light: Sean Murray shows an 'unusual' looking mountain

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Hello Games boss Sean Murray surprises his followers on Twitter with a "red light" image of No Man's Sky that demonstrates how the procedural generation system of his sci-fi blockbuster can sometimes really play bad jokes.

In sharing this bizarre ingame photo, the volcanic English developer jokingly takes up the phrase "every mountain procedural" mentioned in almost all the promotional films that preceded the launch of No Man's Sky.

L'unusual shape taken by the mountain immortalized by Murray in the shared image on social media is just one of the infinite combinations offered by random generation engine of No Man's Sky who takes care to create all the geographic and gameplay elements of the space adventure.

As might have been expected, the Hello Games boss's tweet triggered the immediate reaction of the community, with hundreds of comments (and as many memes) by NMS fans between the incredulous and the hilarious.

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Removed this "sexy accident" rushed to the Twitter user known as Cknight1212 and promptly taken over by Murray, the Hello Games guys are working hard to expand the universe of No Man's Sky with new content to be launched over the next few months through patches and free expansions. In this spirit, the community has tried to create the artwork of a hypothetical No Man's Sky for PS5 and Xbox Series X.

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