Nintendo Switch: the new firmware bans words like Coronavirus and ACAB

Today Nintendo has started the distribution of a new version of the Switch firmware, the 10.2.0. The Kyoto house has declared only some unspecified technical improvements and the resolution of unidentified bugs. However, it didn’t take long for players to find out more …

Apparently, without communicating it in the patch notes, Nintendo has banned some specific words, which starting from today can no longer be used to create new usernames on the network. We are talking about words that have recently entered common use such as Coronavirus e COVID, as well as words returned to the fore due to the delicate US political situation, such as KKK (an acronym for Ku Klux Klan), slave (slave), nazi and ACAB (All Cops Are Bastards). Polygon’s editors did some testing, and found that the acronym BLM (Black Lives Matter) returns a warning message, but it can still be used.

Last June, following the tragic events related to the death of George Floyd, Nintendo has publicly sided with the black community and “of all those who share the ideals of equality and justice“, openly refusing “any difference, exclusion, oppression and violence that leads to completely unnecessary deaths”. Meanwhile, Nintendo Switch continues to break record after record.

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