Nintendo Switch PRO really exists according to a well-known insider

For some time there has been talk of Nintendo Switch PRO with 4K support, but to date the Kyoto house has not announced a new console, limiting itself to stating that the company has always been committed to research and testing of new hardware.

According to Dusk Golem though Switch PRO esiste and the rumors leaked in recent months are true, at least for what is the information in his possession. According to the insider’s words, for this reason many of the most recent Switch games would have the framerate unlocked, so you can enjoy immediate improvements on the future console.

Could it be true? It is early to say, it is certain that Dusk Golem seems to be well informed on various background of the videogame industry, in recent times the deep throat has been talking about problems with Resident Evil Village on PS5, anticipating the arrival of the game also on PS4 and Xbox One, in addition to the Shenmue anime and the rupture of relations between Yoshinori Ono and the Osaka house, without forgetting the anticipated reveal of Monster Hunter Rise for Switch.

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It is just as certain as in the past the same source it has proved unreliable in some respectsi, we also discovered that the Dusk Golem Twitter profile is managed by several people under the same pseudonym, therefore it is difficult to establish whether the information in his possession is truthful or not.


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