Nintendo Switch PRO: even the publisher of Monster Boy mentions the 4K console

Through the social profiles of FDG Entertainment, the representatives of the publisher of Monster Boy and The Cursed Kingdom contribute to fuel the rumors about the arrival in 2021 of Nintendo Switch 4K, the increasingly noisy midgen version of the hybrid console of the Kyoto house.

In referring to the FDG announcement which confirms the arrival of Monster Boy on PS5 and Xbox Series X and S, the curators of the English publisher’s Twitter portal have in fact explained to an action adventure enthusiast that he owns the Switch version of the title , and wanted to access the graphical improvements of upcoming nextgen editions, to expect important news from Nintendo.

In the message shared on social media, FDG invites the Monster Boy fan on Switch to prepare for the increasingly probable arrival of Nintendo Switch PRO in 2021 by explaining to him that “maybe there is a next generation Switch hardware in the pipeline? Who knows ?!”.

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Recently, Nintendo asked a US federal commission for authorization to launch a new, and still mysterious, version of the Switch with SoC and RAM different from those of the current models. According to Bloomberg observers, the replacement of the motherboard and memory would be clear indications of Nintendo’s willingness to propose a enhanced version of Switch that, similarly to what Microsoft and Sony did with Xbox One X and PS4 PRO, can offer improvements such as the 4K resolution, a higher framerate and, why not, a more accurate graphic sector.


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