Nintendo Switch outperforms SNES sales with 49.79 million consoles distributed

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According to reports from Forbes, the global sales of Nintendo Switch would have reached a share 49.79 million pieces from March 2017 to today, a figure that has allowed the hybrid console to exceed SNES sales, amounting to 49.10 million units.

The data released by Forbes come from an analysis by VGChartz, source as we know not always reliable, it is not clear if we are talking about units actually sold to consumers or simply distributed, therefore we invite you to take the data reported as indicative pending official announcements by Nintendo.

According to VGChartz, Switch would have placed 961.543 pieces in the last week of December 2019, the next target is now to reach the NES, console that during its commercial life has placed 61.91 million units worldwide. Switch could surpass these numbers as early as 2020 or early 2021.

Finally, the source focuses on consoles sold in various territories: 17.33 million switches were distributed in North America, 11.62 million in Europe and as many in Japan, seven million pieces would have been sold outside the indicated areas.

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