Nintendo Switch Lite: the ex Microsoft Mike Ybarra dreams of an ultra powerful nextgen version

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In one of his many messages shared on social networks by Mike Ybarra, the former Microsoft executive reveals what the hardware specifications he dreams of for a hypothetical nextgen version of Nintendo Switch Lite.

By publicly expressing his thoughts through the pages of his official Twitter channel, the former VP Corporate of the Xbox Live division of Microsoft explained in a joking way, that "I want a new Nintendo Switch Lite with a GPU 10 times faster, with a CPU 10 times more powerful, with no additional heat to dissipate, of identical dimensions, an OLED display compatible with HDR10 and a longer battery life. All this is impossible with today's technology, but you can always dream! ".

The dream shared by Ybarra triggered the reaction of his followers and video game enthusiasts, with a user that quickly polarized among those who considered these claims as a pure and simple goliardic exercise and who, however, interpreted them as one veiled criticism to the current hardware specifications of Nintendo Switch Lite (and therefore of the original hybrid version of Switch).

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The former Microsoft executive recently joined the ranks of Blizzard Entertainmenton the other hand, he would not be the first employee in the sector to "complain" about Nintendo's unwillingness to launch a mid-gen revision of Switch (the several times mentioned Nintendo Switch Pro) to allow, for example, the use of the same contents of the console to one higher resolution and with one greater level of graphic detail. And you, what do you think of Ybarra's statements? Let us know with a comment.

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