Nintendo Switch, consoles and games: Nintendo updates on the effects of COVID 19

As is well known, the health emergency linked to the need to contain the global epidemic of Coronavirus it has had a profound impact on every production sector, including videogame.

In the year of the launch of PS5 and Xbox Series X, the video game industry had to give up on E3 and many other dedicated events, while multiple software houses found themselves forced to postpone the publication of their titles. Now, on the effects generated by COVID 19, comes a update from Nintendo, who addressed the issue in the Company's annual report.

The Kyoto House thus makes known that the persistence of component supply problems could have effects in terms of production and distribution of Nintendo Switch. The different productivity that characterizes office work and smart working in the gaming sector, it adds, could also generate delays in development processes. However, not long ago, at a meeting with the shareholders, the Nintendo executives had reassured the users that the games expected in the fiscal year 2020 should not be affected by delays, but that in the future other Nintendo titles could be postponed .

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Recall that during the year other Nintendo Direct Mini Partner Showcase will be broadcast, with a focus on games developed for Nintendo Switch by the Third Parties.


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