Ninjala: how to invite friends to multiplayer games

If you have just started playing Ninjala, the new free to play available only on Nintendo Switch, you may have noticed that it is not possible right away to invite your friends to the lobby.

Don't worry though, since this feature is present in the game and you need to meet a simple requirement to unlock it. In order to invite friends it is in fact required to reach the level 6: This means that before you can start inviting someone to the lobby it is essential to complete a few games in any mode, so as to reach the indicated level. Once the requirements are met, just press the button ZR in the main menu to access the friends list and invite any user present in the list. It should be noted that level 6 must be reached not only to invite someone but also to accept an invitation, so make sure that your friends have also reached the minimum level to participate in friends' games.

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Have you already taken a look at our Ninjala review? We also remind you that the developers are donating 100 Jinjas of Ninjala free for everyone to celebrate the 2 million downloads of the game on Switch.


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