Ninja announces exclusive agreement with Twitch, the return of the ‘prodigal son’

After disappearing from the scene for almost a month Tyler “Ninja” Blevins returns to give signs of life by announcing the sensational return to the platform that made him rich and famous. The Prodigal Son will return exclusively to Twitch.

The announcement comes directly from the social profiles of Ninja with a short trailer accompanied by a concise and meaningful text “A new chapter, only on Twitch“Just a year ago, the streamer signed an exclusive deal with Microsoft to move to the platform Mixer. In June, however, the Redmond giant announced the surprise closure of the portal, encouraging all streamers and users to switch to Facebook Gaming. Blevins, who was offered a multi-million dollar contract, declined the offer. Now, the Ninja’s return to the “mother platform” seems to have been accomplished.

His colleague also last month Shroud had announced his return to Twitch, after having experienced the same (lucky) events related to Mixer, immediately attracting over 500,000 simultaneous spectators. All that remains is to wait for the first Ninja live to understand what the public response will be.

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