Nine apps to create collages on Android

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Sometimes a photo is not enough to show everything you want to show, and it is not optimal to publish the 3,000 photos you took during your last trip. The solution is simple: create a collage that summarizes several photos in one, easier to share on social networks.

In Android the applications to create collages They have accompanied us practically since the beginning, although not all apps are equally useful. Here we have compiled the nine best apps to create collages with an Android mobile today.

Google Photos


They say that the best camera is the one you always carry, and the same can be applied to the creation of collages. If you need to create one quickly and you don't have any app installed, you can always create them with Google Photos.

The good news is that you just need to play on the menu> Collage and choose the photos, and the bad thing is that you have absolutely no option to customize the result. What Google creates is what it is, which is usually a normal grid. If you are looking for something more special, you must install a specific application.

Google Photos

Google Photos

LINE Camera


LINE Camera is a camera application, photo editor and creator of collages all in one. To have a little of everything, the truth is that the function of collages has enough customization options.

You can choose between all kinds of templates with the most unlikely forms, modify borders and colors, add effects and texts to your collages, as well as stickers, the house specialty. All this for free, except for some sticker packages, which must be purchased separately.

LINE Camera - Photo editor

LINE Camera – Photo editor

PicsArt Photo Editor


PicsArt Photo Editor is another all-in-one editor, although in this case the attempt to monetize is more evident. Although the app urges you to checkout, you can use it for free in exchange for seeing advertising here and there. It allows you to create collages of up to ten photos.

Are included many templates of unusual shapes -which, in addition, are free- and you can configure between different aspect ratios, the borders and the background color, in addition to being able to include texts, stickers and make adjustments to each photo.

PicsArt Photo Editor: Photo Editor and Collages

PicsArt Photo Editor: Photo Editor and Collages



Pixlr-o-matic is more or less abandoned, but its Pixlr brother – formerly called Pixlr Express – is still quite active. Is a complete photo editor which includes its own collages section ..

As the creator of collages, he is quite easy to use and it includes enough templates so that you hardly miss any configuration. With Pixlr you can easily modify the borders, including rounded edges, as well as choose a background color for the collage.

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Layout from Instagram


Layout from Instagram – officially called "Design" in Spanish – is one of those Instagram spin-offs that the company published separately and that they do a specific thing. In the case of this application, that is collages.

As an application to make collages, it is quite simple, so that you just have to choose the photos and a design. There are hardly any options, being able to only add a small border between each grid.

Layout from Instagram

Layout from Instagram

Photo Grid


Photo Grid is an application to create collages owned by Cheetah Mobile, which has certain repercussions as a somewhat more confusing interface than we would like, with buttons and options everywhere. Among all of them is also a collages editor.

The editor itself has pretty templates, although some of them are reserved for paying users. Each creation can be decorated with effects, stickers, filters, drawings and your own watermarks.

Photo Grid: Photo Collage & Photo Editor

Photo Grid: Photo Collage & Photo Editor



MOLDIV is another application photo editor, camera and collages all in one. It has advertising and some of the templates are paid, but of the total of 180 templates available a large part are available for free.

Creating a collage with MOLDIV is quite simple, because the process is intuitive. It doesn't have as many customization options as other applications, but it allows you to include stickers and make border adjustments and aspect ratio of the resulting image.

MOLDIV - Photo Editor, Collage

MOLDIV – Photo Editor, Collage

Inframe editor


Inframe is an application specialized in adapt photos to post on Instagram. This was especially relevant when Instagram only allowed to publish square photos, but even today some clippings or very elongated photos do not end up fitting into this social network.

With InFrame the same you can adapt a single photo that many, in which case a collage is generated. The available designs are quite attractive and expected design customization options including filters, borders, frames and stickers are included.

Photo editor frame filter

Photo editor frame filter

InShot Photo Collage


If none of the above has convinced you, another option at your disposal is the InShot collages editor, which doubles functions to allow you to add decorative frames to photos, with many designs but not all free.

As a collages editor, he has a good collection of designs, with the advantage that in some of them you can modify the template manually dragging with your finger, something that not all competing apps allow.

Photo Collage - Photo Collage & Photo Editor

Photo Collage – Photo Collage & Photo Editor

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