NikGApps, the alternative Google Apps that allow you to customize the applications to be installed

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Gone is the blow that CyanogenMod took when he received the letter from Google urging him to stop trying to improve Android with his ROMs. That was the beginning of Google Apps or Gapps, a separate package from any ROM that must be installed in the event that the company's services and apps are desired. It has rained a lot since 2009, date of "cease and dessist" to CyanogenMod. And there are currently several Gapps to choose from.

The general thing is to go to the repositories in search of the most common packages. The most popular is OpenGapps, a specialized site that collects these packages and keeps them updated. Now, it is not the only one, there is always room for improvement. And Nikhil has released his Google Apps themselves: NikGApps.

Choose which Google apps you want

Google Apps

The general thing is to choose a Gapps package with everything that is usually installed on a Google-certified mobile. There would enter the Play Store, Google search, Maps, Gmail and other essential applications, also many that some users will not need. Therefore, NikGApps was born with an idea: offer a package that suits the specific needs of each user.

NiKGApps can be downloaded from the developer's GitHub, through SourceForge. The following packages are available:

  • CORE. The minimum to start the Google Play Store.
  • BASIC. What's included in CORE plus YouTube Vanced and Digital Wellbeing.
  • OMNI. The BASIC and messages from Google, the Google phone app and Contacts, also from Google.
  • STOCK. Everything about OMNI in addition to the Google configurator, Lawnchair, Google Drive, GBoard, Google Velvet (for voice unlocking), Google Markup, Google Photos, Google clock, Google sounds, Google Maps, and backgrounds of Google screen.
  • FULL. Apart from what is included in STOCK, this NikGApps incorporates Gmail, Google Play Books, Google Keep, Pixel wallpapers, Google Chrome, Google Assistant, Google recorder, and device customization services.
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The best thing is not only that you can choose the package, it is also possible add separate items. These are: the Google installer, Lawnchair, Google Recorder, YouTube Vanced, Google Velvet (itself is the search app), Gboard and Mixplore (a file browser). In this way you can flash some basic Gapps and then install an advanced component without installing the entire pack, for example.

Like any Google Apps package, NikGApps can only be installed if the device has the bootloader unlocked and a Custom Recovery has been installed, as TWRP. They are valid for ROMs that do not bring preinstalled Google services. And, if you can unlock the bootloader, they should also be valid for Android phones that are not certified by Google, such as the Huawei Mate 30 Pro.

More information | NikGApps

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