News on the Boba Fett film and the Cassian Andor series

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Although with 'Skywalker's rise'The Skywalker saga is complete, the Star Wars universe still has a lot of content to offer. We recently checked it with 'The Mandalorian', the series of Disney + who has discovered the unexplored world of the Mandalorian and bounty hunter he plays Pedro Pascal. Consecrated as one of the first successes of the newcomer platform streaming from the House of the Mouse, Disney continues to bet on generating new material from this distant galaxy.

In addition to the second season of 'The Mandalorian', among the other projects that Disney had confirmed are the series on Obi Wan Kenobi, the prequel from 'Rogue One' which will focus on the character of Cassian Andor and the movie about Boba Fett. Of these last two we have news thanks to an interview by Movieweb with the guru of special effects Neal Scanlan, who has worked on all the movies in live-action from Star Wars.

About the Boba Fett movie

It is true that this last character barely had a presence on the screen and his death was not one of the most heroic of the saga, but Disney and LucasFilm have wanted to give the enemy of Han Solo a second chance, confirming that they will make a movie about the bounty hunter. However, little or nothing was known about the project. At the time it was said that it would be directed by James Mangold and produced by Simon Kinberg, with a filming that was scheduled for this 2020 – but now it seems that it is something that, again, it is stagnant again:

"We are all aware of the conversations that are taking place and of the potential things. Much of this is in development, and side projects are being developed at all times. It is often very difficult to predict which particular project will gain momentum and move forward. So not yet. Not yet. There is nothing positive I can give you yet. "

About the Cassian Andor series

On the prequel to 'Rogue One', the head of special effects has dropped that he does go ahead and that, in addition, Lucasfilm and Scanlan are finding ways to reuse part of the work from the previous story for this series that will star Diego Luna:

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"What is funny about all this, in many ways, is that it feels like you work differently than a movie (…) We also have this accumulation of characters. Many of which we build for all the movies did not make the final cut, because that is the way the process of the film happens, or that they see so momentarily that this exists wonderful second chance to recover some of the characters that we have created and take them to this new story in a more, let's say, integrated way. I think it will be tremendous. We discovered that it is a second opportunity for everything we have done, plus the opportunity to move television, in a certain sense, and without diminishing when it comes to quality. "

Who is he referring to? Sooner or later we will know.

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