New trailer for Strike Witches: Road to Berlin, an unprecedented Second World War

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The theme of the war is a particular subject, difficult to adapt especially when trying to reinterpret the warlike events of the canonical World War II. Anyway, from the study of "Jojo's Bizarre Adventures", get ready to witness a battle like you've never seen it with Strike Witches: Road to Berlin.

The Strike the Witches franchise isn't new to television adaptations, as it currently is enjoys two television seasons, animated by the Gonzo studio, and even a paper transposition. At home, in fact, the brand is so popular to the point of convincing the production to produce a new series, Strike Witches: Road to Berlin, calling into question the company behind the animated adaptation of Jojo's Bizarre Adventures.

At the bottom of the news, in this regard, a link is available to the first trailer of the anime in question that we remind you to be expected to debut in the autumn season 2020. The plot, set in 1939, reinterprets World War II in which the nations are united against an alien threat, the Neuroi. Because of their air force, the States have entrusted the task of defending the Earth from the alien threat to a task force made up of witches, the "Witches", who thanks to their magical powers and Striker unit can also face opponents on the front. plane.

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And you, however, what do you think of this anime, are you interested? Let us know with a comment below.

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