New Marvel's Avengers Villains Revealed

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TOTendency The following article may contain spoilers about the game's plot. Keep reading only if you want to know those details now.

There is still enough for Marvel's Avengers Get to PS4, Xbox One, PC and Google Stadia. Especially after he suffered a delay that moved him from next May to September 4, 2020. However, little by little new information is coming from the game that, in some way, makes fans have reason to think that The wait will be worth it. Now, with the filtration of some villains of the game, which has been produced through trophies / achievements of the title.

And according to these challenges, which have been published on exophase.com (we via Comicbook), we already know of at least two main enemies that we will face in the game. Specifically, we are talking about MODOK and Kree. However, this does not mean that they are necessarily the final bosses. It all depends on when the adventure finally takes place trophies.

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What is more complicated, is that the list ends up being false. More than anything because exophase is a specialist in filtering these lists several months before the arrival of the game. In this case, it is logical that it occurred much earlier, as the launch was initially scheduled for May.

In addition, the trophy list would also have revealed that, in the end, Captain America would not be dead after the events of the campaasapland that Crystal Dynamics had already shown. Basically, with the trophy titled "Welcome again, old friend".

What is not clear, of course, is the way in which all these plot moments and characters will be introduced. For now it will be time to wait. And to make the wait more enjoyable, you can always take a look at the last trailer, in Spanish. You can see it above.

Sources: Comicbook / exophase

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