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 New images of The Suicide Squad set could point to Corto Maltese country

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Country Image Corto Maltese / Corto Maltese from DC Comics

Given the great lack of details about what we will see in “The Suicide Squad”, there are many rumors playing about the James Gunn movie. One of the things that has been commented on is that the film will take this group of antiheroes to the fictional country of Bialya. However, new filtered images of the shooting set seem to point to the fact that we will see the well-known place of comics Maltese Short.

The images allow us to see an unknown flag of a fictional place, and the setting clearly looks like South America, so it has been linked to the fictional DC comic book countries. Another option could be Santa Prisca, a Caribbean island with high levels of corruption and crime and that is the birthplace of the villain Bane. At the moment we can only speculate.

In another different line, director James Gunn has also taken his Twitter to thank Panama City for all these shooting days they are having.

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Panama City Thank you very much for welcoming our family of The Suicide Squad in your city. The only thing better than your food is its people.

We do not know how much time Gunn will have left in the area, although it was said that yesterday it was marked as one of the most important days of shooting, so perhaps more new images will arrive between today and tomorrow.

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