New cosplay from Bleach fans: this time it's the turn of a provocative Ichigo Hollow

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After a long tergiversation, Weekly Shonen Jump revealed the plans on Bleach. After an online presentation, it was indeed revealed that the latest volumes of the manga by Tite Kubo they will be adapted into an anime to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the opera. Obviously fans from all over the world celebrated for the news.

The spirits towards Bleach and, therefore, fans have started to pay so much attention to the franchise again. For this reason, in the last few days many unpublished cosplay from the world are emerging on the net and, more or less, many become viral. Katsu.ucosplay is added to the list of Bleach-themed cosplay.

The character that the girl has decided to play is the protagonist of the manga and anime, Ichigo Kurosaki. Except that the version he wanted to put on is the one with the Hollow mask and with a more provocative look. The long orange hair flashes the photo while you notice at first glance the Vizard mask that occupies half of the cosplayer's face. The dress is the usual shinigami one, even if Katsu.ucosplay does not hesitate to let it go down a bit by hinting a few centimeters of breast. In the right hand instead stands out Tensa Zangetsu, the historic black and thin sword that is unlined when the protagonist uses his Bankai.

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This disguise is offset by another cosplay on Ichigo Kurosaki that has hit fans in recent days.

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