New actors in the cast of the Amazon series, that’s who they are

The characters of The Lord of the Rings by Peter Jackson they entered the history of cinema by right also thanks to the skill of the performers, from the determined Aragorn by Viggo Mortensen to the essay Gandalf by Ian McKellen, and to repeat the magic in television, there is certainly a need for valid actors.

As Redanian Intelligence reports, a site that has provided us with precious details also for the cast of The Witcher 2, other names are now added to the first fifteen announced by Amazon. Middle-earth is therefore preparing to welcome Anson Boon, young English actor who seems to have the right look to give life to a respectable elf. Despite his age he has already worked on several television productions like The Alienist, Crawl is The Feed.

To accompany him we find Ben Fransham, a household name for hardcore fans of Jackson movies, given that he had played minor roles neither The Fellowship of the Ring and ne The two Towers. We had seen him first as an elf fighter, probably in the battle of the Helm’s Deep, and later as ruthless Uruk-hai. He then had the opportunity to step into the shoes of a goblin and perform some stunts in the trilogy de The Hobbit.

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We then discovered the roles of two actors already announced, namely Simon Merrells and Meghan Richards. The latter will take on the role of may, while the actor of Spartacus will play a character named Trevyn. We still don’t know if they are codenames, often used in the preliminary stages of the cast, or if they are definitive, but Trevyn sounds really very Tolkenian …

Now we await positive news regarding the restart some works on The Lord of the Rings, a gigantic production, to be envied by the greatest oliphants.


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