Netflix thinks about creating franchises like Harry Potter and Star Wars: here are the plans

The vice president of Netflix's Original Films section has revealed something about the company's future plans and the intention to create successful franchises such as those of the other major filmmakers and direct opponents at home, let's talk about blockbusters in style Harry Potter is Star Wars.

Tendo Nagenda, vice president of Netflix's Original Movies section, explained how the company is targeted the intention to create their own film franchises successful on an "adventurous and PG-13" model, which can give access to a large scale of spectators, of all ages, just like famous franchises like Harry Potter and Star Wars have done. "We are aiming for a very broad broadcast audience, the PG level adventure films are the ones we want to immerse ourselves in. Something very similar to what was done in the Star Wars saga or the first two Harry Potter films. Many family live-action, fantasy, spectacular films that we think can be very large and give excellent results. Stories modeled on the latest Jumanji. That is the next frontier".

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Nagenda continued: "We are thinking about what today's studios are not thinking: to new ideas. George Lucas created Star Wars – which was not based on any book. If you have that kind of imagination – like the Wachowski with Matrix – we feel we are in the moment when we take risks on innovative ideas and on equally brave filmmakers".

Netflix blockbusters are increasing dramatically and thanks to their success, we think of the results of Tyler Rake and The Old Guard. "We have not yet set budgets for these projects, there are still many factors to consider and consider".


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