Netflix: the news of August 2020, from Project Power to Venom

The August of Netflix, at least as regards the cinephile side, it does not give too many jolts to the audience of fans: among the original titles the only "weight" issue is in fact Project Power, awaited action / sci-fi starring Jamie Foxx and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. As for external arrivals, two blockbusters make their appearance – although they too were very warmly welcomed at the time of the release – such as the reboot of La Mummia with Tom Cruise and the cinecomic Venom, in which Tom Hardy wears the " symbiotic "clothes of the popular Marvel house character. The classics section is fleshed out, with the arrival of films of the caliber of Basic Instinct e Saturday night fever and that of more recent cult thanks to the landing in the catalog of Hotel Transylvania, they called it Jeeg Robot is Searching.

The Mummy – August 4th

Considered safe, buried in the depths of a crypt under the unforgiving desert, an ancient queen to whom her fate has been unjustly removed awakens to the present day, bringing with her the wickedness that has grown in her over the course of millennia.
From the wild sands of the Middle East through the hidden labyrinths of today's London, The Mummy was to be the definitive consecration of Universal's Dark Universe but, on balance, it was an instant epitaph.

A perhaps unsuccessful film which, despite the productive forces put in place and the enlisted stars, from the protagonist Tom Cruise to Russell Crowe as Dr. Jekyll / Mr. Hyde, proves too weak both from the narrative point of view and as regards gender dynamics.
An operation too anchored to an idea of ​​mainstream cinema to be a true horror film, and too bizarre to act as the cornerstone of a new line of films with a "monstrous" background, which is dragged wearily for two hours of increasingly unlikely events that make you regret – and not a little – the funny trilogy with Brendan Fraser.

Project Power – August 14th

The story revolves around a mysterious drug that confers temporary superpowers and sees Jamie Foxx as Art, a man whose mission is to find the source of this substance and track down the people who put it into circulation, guilty of having stolen something he cared about.
Joseph Gordon-Levitt takes the role of a police detective of New Orleans while Dominique Fishback plays a young woman fearless named Robin who will remain involved in the affair.

A science fiction thriller with potential shades more akin to cinecomics, which promises to be the ideal production for the young Netflix audience and brings to mind in its basic dynamics the Limitless (2011) with Bradley Cooper.
Four hands directed by Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman, already behind the camera of Paranormal Activity 4 (2012) e Viral (2016), the film sees the cast also includes Machine Gun Kelly and Rodrigo Santoro.

Venom – 18 August

Eddie Brock, a reporter intent on investigating the Life Foundation run by Dr. Carlton Drake, discovers that scientists inside the facility are experimenting with humans to combine them with alien symbionts considered essential for evolution.
Man ends up making contact with them, becoming the anti-hero Venom.

The spin-off of Spider-Man, centered on one of the darkest and most iconic characters in the Marvel universe, sees behind the camera Ruben Fleischer (Welcome to Zombieland, Gangster Squad) and in front of a cast of the great occasions it boasts, in addition to starring Tom Hardy, names of the likes of Woody Harrelson, Michelle Williams and Riz Ahmed.
The result is a not always centered cinecomic that finds the greatest strengths in the effective interpretation of its main interpreter and in the mix of dark and ironic tones, despite not having the necessary cohesion to aspire to something more.

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Overview of outputs

At the height of tension
: Thriller starring Ben Affleck and Morgan Freeman, based on the novel Fear without limit by Tom Clancy.
Basic Instinct: Paul Verhoeven's erotic cult with a sexy Sharon Stone.
Change your life with one click: Fantastic comedy with Adam Sandler.
Perfect crime: Remake of the Alfred Hitchcock classic.
Duplicity: Clive Owen and Julia Roberts random double players.
The rhythm of success: Musical background film with a very young Zoe Saldana.
The nuisance: Unleashed and irreverent comedy with an irrepressible Jim Carrey.
Saturday night fever: The great classic with John Travolta.
Last Vegas: Comedy about old age with Kevin Kline, Morgan Freeman, Robert De Niro and Michael Douglas.
Ransom – The ransom: Mel Gibson in the tense dramatic thriller directed by Ron Howard.
Write me a song: Musica e parole, or Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore.
Spongebob – Out of the water: The most loved sea sponge returns to the office with an overwhelming, new film episode

Malibù Rescue: A new wave
: It's summer again in Malibu and the Plaice return to the beach not only to host the International Beachmaster Championship, but unexpectedly … to participate.

Berlin, Berlin: Lolle on the Run: In this sequel to the popular TV series, Lolle is about to marry his friend Hart after closing with Sven, who however returns to upset his plans.
Work It: A brilliant but clumsy high schooler tries to get herself admitted to the former university of her late father, transforming herself and a band of misfits into dance champions.

Freddy vs. Jason: The challenge between two of the most famous villains of horror cinema.
If God want: Shocked to learn that his son intends to leave his medical studies to become a priest, the atheist cardiac surgeon Tommaso declares war on his son's mentor.

Hotel Transylvania: The first episode of the beloved monstrous animated saga.
The Legend of Tarzan: David Yates dusts off the jungle man created by Burroughs.

They called him Jeeg Robot: Gabriele Mainetti brings to the cinema a profoundly human suburban superhero, in an unusual and incredibly successful foray into Italian cinema in the genre of movie comics.

Mom's last shot
: During a wild night, two brothers discover that their overprotective mom is an expert thief grappling with one last shot, and only they can save her.

Secret origins
: Policemen (Javier Rey, Antonio Resines) and comic and cosplay fans (Brays Efe, Verónica Echegui) chase a killer who recreates stories about the origins of superheroes.

Searching: A mysterious disappearance is at the center of a film full of tension and twists, where the action takes place entirely on screens and monitors.


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