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 Netflix in talks to make a sixth season of Lucifer

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Lucifer second season poster

The Serie "Lucifer”It could not come to an end after its fifth season, which will come at any time this 2020 to Netflix. Recall that the Fox series was canceled after three seasons, but after months of negotiations, Netflix took over it to give it, not only a fourth season, but a fifth season that would serve as a final touch.

Via Deadline we discovered that Netflix is ​​in talks with Warner Bros. TV to make an additional season of the series. If there is agreement, the plan would be start production of the series in september. Much of the cast, including the protagonist Tom Ellis, are already in contact for other projects, remember that the fifth was announced as the final season, so Netflix and WBTV would also have to find a way to fit production on the agendas of the actors.

Already in his new house Netflix, with its 77 episodes distributed throughout the five season, "Lucifer" It is one of Netflix's “original” series with greater duration, along with others such as “Orange Is the New Black” (91) and “House Of Cards” (73). The streaming platform already commented that Netflix is ​​a series that worked very well for them in international markets.

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Via information | Deadline

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