Netflix announces another 4 seasons by surprise!

Ready to go back to Xadia in the company of Callum, Rayla and Ezran? Good because Netflix has decided to do things big as for The Prince of Dragons, ordering not one, not two, but four other seasons.

A really bold move, which seems to have been dictated by the excellent success of the public, and to announce the happy news, they thought the same creators Aaron Ehasz and Justin Richmond, during the virtual panel of Comic-Con Home entitled Zoom Into Xandia.

"We are incredibly and extraordinarily grateful to the fans and the community who have proved so passionate. In all honesty, after season 3 the increase of passion and love around the series, and the amount of fan art and online discussions among the people who, among other things, made it clear to Netflix in a polite way how much they wanted a continuum for this story, they were very inspirational, and it worked!".

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If you think it will be four seasons but of a smaller size, you are out of the way, since the duration will reflect in all respects what has already been seen: nine episodes for each season. In fact, the third season had left the door open for a sequel, despite having a more self-contained plot, but apparently it will go up to the seventh.

All in all the authors managed to create a coherent, interesting and well structured fantasy world, without neglecting a touch of irony that made the series attractive to everyone. The visual layout is particularly successful, and if you have not already done so, we advise you to give it a chance: it is definitely one of the Netflix fantasy series to be absolutely recovered. To get an idea here is the trailer of The Prince of Dragons 3.


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